Because of the weather forecast the NYRR Millrose Games women's weight throw will begin at 5pm and men's weight throw will being at 6pm on Thursday, February 9, 2017.

February 9th
5:00pm Women  Weight Throw
6:00pm Men  Weight Throw
7:00pm Junior Girls Weight Throw
7:00pm Junior Girls Flying Circus Pole Vault
8:00pm Junior Boys Weight Throw
February 11th
11:45am Women Distance Medley Relay
11:58am Men Distance Medley Relay
12:10pm Women USATF Championship 1-mile  Race Walk
12:17pm Junior Boys Flying Circus Pole Vault
12:20pm HS Girls Long Island 4x400
12:25pm HS Boys Long Island 4x400
12:30pm Women 4x200
12:35pm Men 4x200
12:41pm HS Girls Suburban 4x400
12:47pm HS Boys Suburban 4x400
12:53pm Youth Girls 400 Meters
12:58pm Youth Boys 400 Meters
1:03pm HS Girls 55m Dash
1:08pm HS Boys 55m Dash
1:13pm Men Susan Rudin USATF Championship 1-mile Race Walk
1:21pm HS Girls PSAL 4x200
1:26pm HS Boys PSAL 4x200
1:32pm HS Girls New Balance Eastern 4x800
1:45pm Masters Men 60+/Women 4x400
1:51pm Masters Men 50+ 4x400
2:02pm Masters Men 40+ 4x400
2:08pm HS Girls Eastern 4x200
2:12pm HS Boys Eastern 4x800
2:24pm Youth Boys NYRR Young Runners 800m Final
2:30pm Youth Girls NYRR 4x200
2:35pm Youth Boys NYRR 4x200
2:40pm HS Girls PSAL 4x400 
2:46pm HS Boys PSAL 4x400
2:52pm Men Invitational Mile
2:59pm HS Girls New Balance High School Mile
3:06pm Girls NYRR Fastest Kid on the Block
3:11pm Boys NYRR Fastest Kid on the Block
3:16pm College Men College Distance Medley Relay
3:28pm College Women Metropolitan Relays 4x400
3:35pm Marching Cobras/Opening Ceremony
3:50pm Women Invitational 3,000m
3:58pm Women John Catsimatidis Pole Vault
4:04pm Women Howard Schmertz 60m Hurdles
4:10pm Men Howard Schmertz 60m Hurdles
4:14pm Youth Girls NYRR Young Runners 800m Final
4:20pm Women 60m Dash
4:25pm Men Joe Yancey  60m Dash
4:31pm Men Mel Sheppard 1,000m
4:37pm College Men Metropolitan Relays 4x400
4:40pm Men John Thomas High Jump
4:44pm Women Women 300m
4:50pm Men NYAC 500
4:56pm Men Paavo Nurmi 2 Miles
5:12pm HS Boys New Balance High School Mile
5:20pm Women AT&T  500m
5:27pm Women NYRR Wanamaker Mile
5:35pm HS Boys Eastern 4x200
5:41pm Women 800m
5:46pm National Anthem
5:50pm Men NYRR Wanamaker Mile