As part of the lead up to the 107th NYRR Millrose Games, will be highlighting a number of student-athletes who have qualified for the New Balance High School Mile. The New Balance High School Mile has long been a staple at the NYRR Millrose Games, with past winners including sub-four minute miler Kyle Merber and 2013 IAAF World Championships qualifier Cory McGee. Today's spotlight is on Marco Pompilj.


Marco Pompilj
Junior, Collegiate High School
New York, NY
Fastest Mile - 4:20 What's your greatest running achievement? 
Marco Pompilj: Pushing myself to winning the Brown XC Invitational from far behind Best piece of advice someone's ever given you?
Marco Pompilj: Best piece of advice I've received is simple: "just run" What are three keys to your running success?
Marco Pompilj: 1. Listening to my coaches, 2. Delicious pasta, 3. Putting in the work Do you have any pre-race traditions or superstitions?
Marco Pompilj: I had a few superstitions and traditions such as wearing red socks and eating chocolate before my race, but I try to break out of such habits. Who is your favorite athlete?
Marco Pompilj: Uncle Drew aka Kyrie Irving Favorite Pre-Race Meal?
Marco Pompilj: Definitely pasta with artichokes followed by branzino or steak If you could go on a run with anyone, past or present, who would it be with? 
Marco Pompilj: I'd love to go on a run with Kid Cudi, but from what I gather he's not much of an athlete. What are your favorite hobbies?
Marco Pompilj: I devour music, and occasionally I'll mess around and make some. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Marco Pompilj: I would be a sea turtle, or any tropical fish. Favorite place to run?
Marco Pompilj: I've been running in Central Park for a couple years now and can probably run it blindfolded. Favorite movie?
Marco Pompilj: Drive Favorite TV show?
Marco Pompilj: Lost Dream job?
Marco Pompilj: Probably to open a luxury fashion house, but it's susceptible to change.

Watch a video of Marco Pompilj after the 2014 Hispanic Games below!