Bernard Lagat 4th in the NYRR Wanamaker Mile (3:54.91)

Running a masters world record: “Being able to run my best and run with the young guys, to me that’s a humbling experience. For people to yell `go Kip, go Kip,’ that really touches me and I want to show them that I can perform very well.” 

Competiting at the age of 40: “Age is just a number and I believe that. I train with Lawi Lalang and we always talk about the same thing: `age is just a number, just go and do the work.’ I’ve been able to do the work in training and have to be serious whenever I do this. I have to be serious. There is no going in there and (thinking) `Well, let me see what I can do.’ I’m going to win or I’m going to do this. I had a lot of plans for this event. I’m leaving here knowing I achieved everything I wanted to do. My training is good, I’ve been able to train well and I ran a 3:54. I’m really pleased with that.”

Being comfortable: “Relaxation is the key. If you worry too much … I was thinking about this race, but I wasn’t too worried. I didn’t have nervousness or the pressure. I was calm and that calmness helps you relax yourself where you can actually plan the race as it develops. I was planning  this race tonight – as we were running I’m telling myself everyone is falling back because they started going crazy at the beginning. I was right there, maybe at No. 8 even No. 10 and I could actually see how I was going to run. Those guys were going to come back. I was able to work on my plan because I knew what I was capable of doing. Because of the relaxed mind I was able to do that.”

NYRR Millrose Games 2016: “The guy who has a master plan for me in the Millrose Games is David Monti. He has a plan for me next year, but I can’t tell which one. He’ll tell me maybe in March. He’ll say, ‘So Kip…’ The story continues and he’s good with that.”

Matthew Centrowitz’ career: “With him being with Alberto (Salazar) and the other guys that are mature, you know what, he matured with them. He no longer wants to be best in the country, he wants to be best in the world.”

Matthew Centowitz won the NYRR Wanamaker Mile (3:51.35)

Not looking back: "I didn't look behind me at all the whole race, but it definitely felt fast at the start. I wanted a faster time for myself, it wasn't ideal for me to run an xyz but it was my best effort. It's a big deal for me to win a second title out of my three attempts at the Wanamaker mile. My loss to Lopez still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. The Armory is a second home to me, competing in front of my family and friends. This is one of favorite indoor tracks to run on in the nation. The crowd is electric, there's nothing quite like it."

Nick Willis second in the NYRR Wanamaker Mile (3:51.46)

Giving Centro a run for his money: "Very good race in Matt Centrowitz and he deserved to win today, but I gave him a good run for his money at least."

Shannon Rowbury won the NYRR Wanamaker Mile (4:24.32)

Nearly missing the American record: "I am disappointed, I knew I had an American record in me today. I'd love to have another opportunity to go after it because I know I'm capable."

Competing with her training partners: "I know I have to bring my A-game when the rest of the Oregon Project toes the line."

Jordan Hasay 4th in the NYRR Wanamaker Mile (4:28.27)

Going up against Rowbury: "I got a bit further this year and the goal was just to keep up with Shannon, since I knew this year she was definitely the one to beat."

Phyllis Francis won the AT&T 400m (53.14)

Being in good enough shape to win: “I was a little surprised because it’s early in my training right now. I wasn’t expecting to run that time, but I’m happy with it. My coach said I might surprise myself and I did.”

Beating her hero: “This is mind blowing right now. I wasn’t expecting run that time. I told myself to go for it (down the stretch). If I pass out then I’ve got medics right there. So I said to myself to just go for it and I did. I’m lost for words right now. I’m ecstatic and happy. (Sanya Richards-Ross) is an amazing competitor. I looked up to her as a little girl and my parents told me to look at Sanya … for me to be running at that level and to be running with her is an honor.”

Sanya Richards-Ross second in the AT&T 400m (53.71)

The energy at The Armory: "Phyllis ran a great race. I honestly feel blessed to still be running and have my competitors tell me they used to watch me as a kid. I feel I didn't tweak my training enough for the indoor track. The crowd here at The Armory, the energy and music were great, but ultimately my legs felt heavy at the end."

Ekaterina Stefanidi won the Fred Schmertz Pole Vault (15' 1")

The win: “This was good (finishing first). I’m training for the European Championships and that’s the big goal.”

About Jenn Suhr having to pull out because of injury: “Every competitor is a competitor. It’s cool to be around Jenn. She’s the world indoor record holder and I like her, I really like her and we all get along. It was nice seeing her in Boston last week.  I come and try to do my best for me and if she kicks my ass she kicks my ass.“

Performing at The Armory: “It’s cool. I was actually here two years ago and just out of college. I was very inexperienced and I was like freaking out. But I definitely handled it better this time.”

Ajee Wilson won the EmblemHealth 800m (2:01.57)

Her strength: “I’m a lot stronger than I was last year. I feel more comfortable. I’m excited for the rest of the year because the work we’ve been doing is for June, for making the team.”

Feeling comfortable at The Armory more than anywhere else: “Definitely. I’m used to it here. It’s an easy drive up and all my family comes out to support.”

Ashton Eaton 3rd in the Howard Schmertz 60m Hurdles (7.51)

Jumping over the wall: “I landed on my feet somehow. After the race I was so jacked up being right next to David Oliver. I thought I had won or had gotten second and I knew it was a fast time because he’s fast. So from the finish line to the wall I was thinking just about that, and the wall came and I casually jumped over it. I didn’t judge it very well, but I landed on my feet.”

Erik Sowiniski won the Mel Sheppard 1,000m (2:21.18)

Consistently winning at The Armory: "It feels great to once again win at The Armory. It's where my track and field career really got started. I feel like I almost have a home field advantage when I compete here. I'm a little disappointed the race wasn't faster, but I'm happy with the win." 

Brycen Spratling won the NYAC 500m (1:00.06)

Setting the 500m indoor world record: "I didn't know I was on pace. Honestly I felt like I relaxed a little bit too much early on in the race. When I saw the time, I mean ... I really wanted to go 59. But if that's the best ever ran and I just missed out, then I'm ok with it."

Realizing he's a world record holder: "It hasn't really hit me yet. It's kind of crazy to think that of all the greatest athletes that have ran track, which are some of the best athletes in the world, that no ones been able to run that fast at that distance. So it means a lot to me. I'm definitely going to cherish it and hold onto it."

Sally Kipyego won the Paavo Nurmi 3,000m (8:41.72)

Enjoying the NYRR Millrose Games vibes: "I wanted to enjoy the crowd and be able to enjoy the atmosphere and just compete to my best ability, and I think I did that."