Sanya Richards-Ross will be one of many athletes to look out for at the 108th NYRR Millrose Games on February 14th. She's a four-time Olympic gold medalist, five-time World Championship gold medalist and owner the 400m American and Armory records. She's also an accomplished buisness manager, fashionista and star of her own televison reality series, Sanya's Glam and Gold. We spoke with track and field's most "fast and fashionable" athlete about style, relationships and staying focused:

How have you used your personal style to distinguish yourself on the track?

I’ve always loved the beauty and fashion industries. As an athlete there were times I felt like it wasn’t appropriate to express that, but as I got older I embraced my femininity and love for fashion. Now it’s a part of who I am. I always say, ‘Look good, feel good, run good!’ When I feel good about myself, and fashion and beauty are only a small part of that, I feel ready to compete at my best!

How have your relationships with family and friends helped you develop in your career?

My relationships have been integral to my success. If it weren’t for my parents, coaches, and support system I wouldn’t have been able to get better, stay focused, and ultimately accomplish my goals. I’d advise people to find positive, supportive people that are committed to helping them be their best and then trust them to do their part.

How does a superstar like yourself manage to stay focused and drama free?

Thank you! I believe I've been able to stay drama free for a couple reasons. For sure my faith has kept me grounded and humble. I know my blessings come from God and although it's not always easy I've tried to stay humble and keep things in proper perspective. My family has also kept me on track, literally! Their unconditional love and guidance have constantly reminded me what's important and I do my best to focus on that.

Your husband plays in the NFL. What have you two learned from each other as professional athletes?

We’ve definitely taught each other how to bounce back from disappointments. We’ve both enjoyed some amazing highs but also suffered some painful lows; together we’ve both been able to bounce back because of the other’s support. I’m blessed to have him in my life. 

Who dresses better, Mrs. or Mr. Ross?

Definitely my dapper husband! He has a natural knack for fashion and everything looks great on him!