THURsday, Feb 07

2:00 PMWomen's Weight Throw
3:00 PMMen's Weight Throw
7:00 PMJunior Girls' Weight Throw
8:00 PMJunior Boys' Weight Throw


11:25 AMWomen's Distance Medley Relay
11:40 AMMen's Distance Medley Relay
11:45 AMJunior Girls' Pole Vault
11:53 AMHigh School Girls' Private Schools 4x400m
11:59 AMHigh School Boys' Private Schools 4x400m
12:05 PMWomen's USATF Championship 1-mile Race Walk
12:15 PMMen's USATF Championship 1-mile Race Walk
12:15 PMMasters Mixed 60+ 4x400m
12:21 PMMasters Mixed's 40+/50+ 4x400m
12:28 PMHigh School Girls' Long Island 4x400m
12:34 PMHigh School Boys' Long Island 4x400m
12:40 PMWomen's 4x200m
12:45 PMMen's 4x200m
12:50 PMYouth Girls' 400m
1:00 PMYouth Boys' 400m
1:13 PMHigh School Girls' Suburban 4x400m
1:15 PMJunior Girls' Long Jump
1:19 PMHigh School Boys' Suburban 4x400m
1:25 PMHigh School Girls' PSAL 4x400m
1:31 PMHigh School Boys' PSAL 4x400m
1:37 PMHigh School Boys' Invitational 4x800m
1:47 PMJunior Girls' Invitational Girls 55 dash
1:52 PMJunior Boys' Invitational 55 dash
1:57 PMHigh School Girls' New Balance Invitational 4x800m
2:00 PMJunior Boys' John Catsimatidis Pole Vault
2:09 PMJunior Girls' Invitational 300m Dash
2:13 PMJunior Girls' Invitational 300m Dash
2:17 PMYouth Girls' NYRR Fastest Kid in the World
2:22 PMYouth Boys' NYRR Fastest Kid in the World
2:26 PMYouth Boys' Rising New York Road Runners 800m
2:30 PMJunior Boys' Triple Jump
2:31 PMHigh School Girls' PSAL 4x200
2:35 PMHigh School Boys' PSAL 4x200
2:39 PMCollege Women's Metropolitan Relays 4x400m
2:45 PMYouth Girls' NYRR 4x200m
2:49 PMYouth Boys' NYRR 4x200m
2:53 PMHigh School Boys' Invitational 600 Meter Dash
2:58 PMMen's Invitational Mile
3:05 PMWomen's John Thomas High Jump
3:10 PMJunior Boys' New Balance Invitational Mile
3:25 PMHigh School Girls' Invitational 600 Meter Dash
3:35 PMHigh School Boys' Invitational 4x200m
3:50 PMOpening Ceremony
4:01 PMWomen's 60 Meter Dash
4:06 PMMen's Joe Yancey 60 Meter Dash
4:11 PMYouth Girls' Rising New York Road Runners 800m
4:16 PMWomen's 60 Meter Hurdles
4:22 PMMen's 60 Meter Hurdles
4:27 PMWomen's Invitational 3000m
4:40 PMMen's Mel Sheppard Invitational 800m
4:45 PMMen's Shot Put
4:45 PMCollege Men's Metropolitan 4x400m
4:50 PMMen's Dr. Sander Invitational 3000m
5:02 PMWomen's Invitational 400m
5:07 PMJunior Girls's New Balance Invitational Mile
5:16 PMMen's NYAC Invitational 400m
5:21 PMHigh School Girls' Invitational 4x200m
5:25 PMMen's Shot Put Final Throw (top 3 athletes)
5:30 PMNational Anthem
5:35 PMWomen's NYRR Wanamaker Mile
5:44 PMWomen's Jack and Lewis Rudin 800m
5:50 PMMen's NYRR Wanamaker Mile

*Times and events subject to change